Great success for the “Sports for Different Heroes” convention

A large hall full of young students attended the conference “Sports for different heroes” held in the Great Hall of the Salesian Pontifical University yesterday. The event, organized by the parachuting and bowling sections of SS Lazio in collaboration with IIS Pacinotti Archimede, aimed to bring to the attention of young people, institutions and media the importance of using sport as a tool for the well-being of people with disability. Last act of the European project that bears the same name and which in the last year has seen Ss Lazio Parachuting and SSLazio bowling engaged in the mission of involving people with intellectual disabilities in two major events, training instructors and involving testimonials, media and institutions to disseminate the message.

I thank the institute for the collaboration and all the speakers who spoke by bringing an important testimony. It was very nice to see the interest and extreme attention shown by all those guys “said Lino Della Corte, president of SS Lazio Parachuting. Many ideas that have been brought to children starting from the use of words, primarily the term disability, on the need to get out of the box, to learn to see skills, to know how to understand that everyone has different times and ways, as the psychologist Daniela Sepio and Luisa Lorè, head of the volunteers of Special Olympics Italia for Lazio have explained.”I immediately understood that I had lost the use of my legs and returning to fly after the accident was fundamental for me” explained Andrea Pacini, the first Italian Paralympic paratrooper to the boys, facing the story of his story with them. “To fly as many people as possible with disabilities is now one of my goals“. “Disability simply cannot be defined because it does not exist”, followed by Laura Coccia, a Paralympic athlete and former parliamentarian “my physical education professor spurred me to do what everyone did but with my ways and my times,  he held out his hand so that I wouldn’t stay in a corner and it wasn’t an easy challenge because sometimes it’s comfortable in the corner.
Two different stories, told with the simplicity of those who don’t want to stay comfortable and who have found an indispensable tool for their well-being in sport.

The conference had the success desired by those who worked for its organization.The students of our classes were attentive and interested. For some, the theme was, if not quite new, still to be discovered. For others, the theme was to be explored and understood better. After the interventions of the first guests and speakers, guys broke up and the interaction that was created was also interesting, even with the guidance of the Sport and Sports Science teachers who accompanied the classes “said Prof Cambone and Prof. Bassi, referents of the Scientific High School at the Institute’s Sports address.
They continued “The spirit, experiences and results of the SPORTS FOR DIFFERENT HEROES Project have beautifully combined with the educational path developed in recent years in relation to the theme of Sport and Disability for our guys

Thanks to the Salesian Pontifical University that allowed us to carry out the event” said Martino Pota, president of the bowling section of SS Lazio, “to involve young people and make them perceive the importance of the message that this project has wanted to bring is of fundamental importance “.

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